Lashes 60% longer!

The L’Extrême Mascara is so popular that it is sold every 50 seconds worldwide. If you happen not to heard about it yet, it’s time to do your homework.

Lancôme high-end products are always of a good quality but the L’Extrême seems to be the outstanding. The producer claims that it is the best mascara if you opt for super long lashes and more definition.

The L’Extrême comes in a nice silver tube and the standard brush with average length bristles. The tube is in a teardrop shape,the texture is creamy and it glides smoothly on lashes. You can apply many coats on without it getting clumpy. Your lashes will be separated and extremely long. Additionally, there is no need to curl your lashes beforehand, as the L’Extrême will do it for you.

Women all over the world love it for being very pigmented resulting in deep black colour, which gives your gaze an extra dimension. The mascara is waterproof and has a long lasting power so you can dive or jog wearing it and it will not smudge until you wipe it off with a good make-up remover. You can go to sleep with it and you will wake up with perfect eye make-up (not recommender though). One coat of the product gives you a natural looking, long lashes. You can also achieve more dramatic, glamorous look applying several coats without feeling heavy.

There is a downside to this product, however, which is the price. It cost well over £15 and it may put the potential customers off. Mascara is an everyday make-up product and it finishes quickly. Therefore, the price should be more affordable. It seems that Lancôme however claims the opposite.

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