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by Patty Nicholson |
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Red lips always look stunning and provide the elegant finish to every make-up. Nonetheless, you need to know how to use red lipstick for your lips to have the most beautiful shape and be full. It’s simpler than you think! Some believe that in order to have beautiful, red lips all you need is red lipstick. It couldn’t be further from the truth. The lipstick alone won’t make your lips gain the amazing shape, become even, smooth and perfectly tinted. The technique matters just as much. Sometimes one hand twitch can make...

by Patty Nicholson |
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For many years, metallic braces were the only effective method of straightening teeth. Many people would love to have straight teeth but they simple cannot force themselves to wear visible braces. Others wouldn’t mind, but their profession does not allow for such a change in their appearance. Is there any other alternative? There is good news for everybody who want...

by Patty Nicholson |
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Invisaligin- Plastic trays that straighten your teeth In the Invisaligin technique a computerized 3D modelling technology is used to make a model of the the teeth. They program can create the ideal teeth position and calculate what movement particular tooth has to do in order to get to the desired position. The program analizes how to transform your smile so that...