Here it is – Nanolash Serum Review!

One Blogers send us very interested article about eyelash conditioner…

I know you have been waiting for it for some time now, but I wanted to test it for at least 5 months before I would be able to give you my honest opinion and recommendation. To start with, my lashes were blonde and sparse. I was not leaving home without a few coats mascara on. I don’t normally wear a heavy make-up, but looked invisible without my lashes done.

I have been using Nanolash nightly for over 4 months. I skipped the application a few times. Remembering to use the serum was a pain in my neck at the beginning. With time, applying Nanolash became one of the things I just do after shower and without questioning. We can say, that I have developed a new habit.

Does Nanolash Serum work?

Eyelash conditioner Nanolah

Eyelash conditioner Nanolah

It is my life saviour. My lashes has grown so long that everybody was stunned. I was told that I must be wearing extensions and so on, they look that amazing. Apart from the length, lashes become very thick and fuller looking. What I’ve also noticed is that my lashes are much stronger than before, they still fall out from time to time, but it is natural. I absolutely love how shiny my eyelashes are now. The price of the Serum is affordable and the tube lasts for about 3-4 months. I am at the end of the treatment and I still have plenty of product left.  My sis when she saw the results wanted to steal it from me, but she is 7mths pregnant and it says on the label, that it is not recommended for mums-to-be. She will have to wait until Josh is born to start using Nanolash. I also heard that it is not recommended to anyone who is undergoing chemo treatment. I was tempted to apply it twice a day so I can double the effect but I read in the leaflet that it will not speed up the whole proces. Lash is hair and we just need to give it some time to grow. It will not happen overnight or withing 3 days. I am planning to give it quite some time so it can work magic:)

Have you, guys used any kind of eyelash serum before? Let me know what was it and if it was working? I am happy that I came across Nanolash as it is the best lash conditioner I’ve used so far.


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31 Comments “Here it is – Nanolash Serum Review!”

  1. Roxanne1981

    My lashes need urgent help. Two weeks on holiday in Greece, salty sea and my hair and lashes look terrible. For hair I use coconut oil as this is the quickest way to fix it but I am still hesitating between Nanolash and Idol Lash

  2. Alice.roth

    Idol lash can only nourish your lashes a bit but if you want some massive thickening or lengthening you will be disappointed. I was using it for 3 months and nothing:/ better get sth more expensive, at least you know what you are paying for.

  3. Beep

    I am currently using Nanolash and my lashes grow very thick so far. I know it is not going to happen overnight and I only use it for 3 weeks but it is still great result

  4. AnglelaDwyer

    Are they any longer though?

  5. Beep

    Yes they are much longer, but I am surprised with their density

  6. Husnara

    I bought it on ebay for £29.99 over 2 weeks ago and I am still waiting for delivery

  7. Ann.salas

    Husnara, as far as I know the serum you can get only on Nanolash official website and they do not sell through any other channels. Two weeks it is a long time I would report it if I were you, it may be resold by a private person or it may be a dupe.

  8. Husnara

    I wrote to eBay and I opened the case, I got back for them today and they said they will refund my money as they had buyers reported on this seller. Thanks Ann,

  9. PatriciaSethi4

    My eyes were not tolerating Lilash. Anybody had this problem with Nanolash?

  10. SusyW

    I want long lashes!!!!!!!

  11. TiffEade

    I think that nothing make you more attractive than long lashes.

  12. Uche7772

    I don’t think just washing your lashes with the make up remover will make them look good.

  13. Katewilloughby

    Last year I was using Nanolash for a couple of months, I was pleased with it, highly recommend it

  14. 12Charlee

    Will it help if your lashes are long but light and thick?

  15. Leilah_lollypop

    I hope it will. I read many blogs where girls show before and after pics and I can see that it has a strong thickening properties. It also makes your lashes tinted.

  16. Avneetflower

    I would never say that the Lash enhancer can change the look of the face


    No discussion here, best lash serum. Tried many and each had some flaw: one cost me an allergy, other made my my lashes go all sorts of directions. This one is the best! 🙂

  18. Bette

    can you use it when wearing contact lenses?

    • Patty NicholsonPatty Nicholson

      Contacts are not an issue 🙂 I wear them and use nanolash 🙂

  19. Jemma

    effects has exceeded my expectations! my lashes are amazing!!! :

  20. Hannah

    no. true, there is no irritations, even when you wear eye contacts but so what when my lashes are not what I wanted.

  21. eLi

    Personally I don’t use it, but I’ve heard only good things about Nanolash

  22. Katie_Kay

    all this praising made me bought it, but it hasn’t meet mine expectations. Comments are way exaggerated

  23. Adriana

    for me it worked great and I’m very satisfied with effect

    • Simone

      super effects here! To be true, I never had short lashes but as dense as they are now these have never been. I have to constantly explain people that these are my own eyelashes 🙂

  24. Anne

    you really think that conditioner or serum can make lashes longer???

  25. Olivia

    pretty neat and price is okay as for cosmetic like this 🙂

  26. Camilla96

    Eyelash extensions give more spectacular result!

    • GinaT

      Extensions may have better effects but it weakens lashes. Conditioners male eyelashes healthy and look just great.

      • Agnesss

        Nutrients for eyelashes are as important as these in face creams or body balms. What matters if just do it

        • PinUpGirl

          what matters is to choose right cosmetic for it