Surprisingly Effective Ways to Make your Lashes Longer & Stronger

Long eyelashes – it used to stay in the dream zone for most women. Nature is funny – you can pass a man in the street who has lengthy eyelashes you will never have. Never? Really?

There turns out to be a product which changes never into the magic three weeks. So, if your lashes are too short or weak – read what to use and how to regenerate them in less than a month.

Lash Make-Over in 3 Weeks – How is it possible?

The secret lies in the central part of these tiny hairs – the bulbs. That is the place where all decisions are taken about the lash health and condition. This hair centre must work smoothly – otherwise, eyelashes are weak and damaged. To avoid it, you must choose products which penetrate the skin and reach the bulbs to regenerate and nourish small hairs from the very roots. There is just one product working this way – an eyelash serum. Regularly applied, it can enhance the appearance of lashes in only three weeks.

What is a lash serum?

It is equipped with a brush resembling an eyeliner. It is applied to the eyelids, right behind the lash line and you give it a moment to be absorbed in the skin. Eyelash serums get to the bulbs, stimulating their work. This has an impact on the lashes which start getting beautiful. Because their phase of growth is extended, they have lots of time for growth, regeneration and more nutrients reach hair follicles.

Eyelash serum – application & effects

The first signs of eyelashes feeling great are visible after more or less three weeks. Of course, the results depend on the current growth phase of your lashes, their condition and degree of damage. It happens that these tiny hairs need a bit more time to become spectacular. Nevertheless, they always get the extension, volume, density and thickening. Lots of women say that their lashes got an extra curl and darker shade.

If you think that the application of such an effective cosmetic is complicated, you couldn’t be more wrong. You simply apply it to clean eyelids once a day (in the evening if possible) and then… go to sleep and let the serum work for the beauty of tiny hairs.

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