Revlon Nourishing Lash Portion Mascara

Everybody knows that I am a sucker for long lashes. A few months ago I decided that I would transform my beauty bag and and hopefully my look. Most of the old stash was replaced by new, better products recommended by you. I wanted to introduce a new skin care routine that could help to keep my oil production at bay and I have to say it is working great so far. The main aim however were my lips and lashes. I bought many Mac Lipsticks that I absolutely love.

The last thing that I was missing in my new collection was a good mascara. As I am a big fan of Revlon products (I use its foundation for over a year now) I went online, I checked their website and I ordered the ‘Lash Portion Mascara’. My choice was based on the fact that this mascara does not only perfectly coat lashes but it also has a bit of growth lash serum in its formula. As we know mascaras may weigh down lashes, which causes damage to their structure. It is no secret that the formula of those cosmetics is far from natural. Revlon claims that the Lash Portion is nasties-free and that is contains many vitamins and minerals that can rebuild our lashes.

The mascara is available in three colours :
• Black
• Brown
• and Ultra Black

I picked the black one. It is neutral and it suits all kinds of make-up. I wear it to my office and at the party. What I like about this mascara is that I can top it up to the max and it will still last me a long time. The bottle contains 10ml of the product.

The application is very simple. The brush is just the right size and it distributes the formula evenly without clumping lashes. I get the desired effect with the single coat, but when I need my lashes to be extra-long, I apply three coats. Even with this amount of mascara, my lashes are separated and they look natural, yet glamorous.

What’s the best about the Lash Portion is that it promotes lash growth. I already noticed that my lashes are a bit longer and stronger. They have also gained some length but they are still pretty sparse. Do you know any tricks I could do to make them appear fuller?

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