Conditioning Lashcode mascara. Captivating look in the blink of an eye

LASHCODE is an innovative mascara that gives make-up a completely new meaning. It cares about eyelashes by making them look flawless and gifting them with a distinctive shape. Also, it conditions delicate hair to bring out its natural beauty. And the best thing about the mascara is that it fulfils all the above-mentioned tasks simultaneously.

Make-up isn’t only about looking immaculate at all costs. It came into being to enhance the natural beauty of women, therefore, instead of having damaging for eyelashes procedures done, like false extensions, it’s better to reach for the proven solution – a mascara. It’s also important to realize that a mascara shouldn’t only focus on saturating the natural colour of eyelashes, extending them and making them more visible, but also the cosmetic should condition and supply eyelashes with essential nourishing ingredients.


The secret has been finally revealed – we know how to enhance the look of your eyes in an subtle and effective way. The secret is hidden in a minimalistic, pitch-black and very glamorous tube of the mascara. Women love LASHCODE mascara because it combines two absolutely crucial aspects of make-up.

  1. LASHCODE is the only such a mascara whose intensive pigments are swamped by the best combination of beautifying, caring and eyelash growth accelerating substances.
  2. LASHCODE is a mascara featuring a silicone brush designed with having precise action in mind. Its elastic bristles of various lengths adjust to eyelashes, no matter of their size or shape.


LASHCODE provides the best solution for women who count on flawless and long-lasting make-up. With the pitch-black pigment does its powdery formula coat each eyelash individually. It maximally extends and thickens eyelashes, thanks to which eyes gain a beautiful definition, and each make-up looks much more feminine. This is a mascara that gifts eyelashes with the desired colour and shape by curling them and leaving the hair naturally elastic. The most important though is that the effect is maximally durable and remains flawless for long hours because the mascara is completely flake-free.

LASHCODE enhances even the shortest eyelashes located in the corners of the eyes because the precise wand of silicone and well-developed bristles reaches where regular brushes aren’t able to get. Owning to such an applicator, the mascara doesn’t clump eyelashes. Instead, the hair becomes ideally separated and combed. The results are astonishingly natural with the eyelashes being even prettier than before.


LASHCODE mascara offers a completely innovative approach to the subject of make-up. It proposes something entirely different and more than just the false eyelash effect. It’s owned to the set of nourishing substances thanks to which the beauty product is able to regenerate and reinforce eyelashes always when you wear make-up. What has been taken advantage of here is one of the eyelash’ physical features called sorption, which is the ability of caring substances to penetrate to the very core of eyelashes – their bulbs.

The velvet formula of LASHCODE hides among others:

  • Soy Shoot – the extract responsible for accelerating eyelash extension; it works as a stimulating substance which counteracts ageing of cells and reinforces eyelash bulbs thanks to which they fall out in smaller amounts and grow way faster.
  • Wheat Shoot – the vegetable extract which fulfils the function of regenerative and nourishing substance for the sake of smooth, elastic and shiny eyelashes.
  • Scutellaria baicalensis – often called Baikal skullcap that contains precious for hair flavonoids and has oxygenating features; it’s a natural filter which provides protection to the eyelashes.
  • Panthenol – it’s a caring ingredient that significantly improves condition of eyelashes and regenerates them deeply; it maintains the moisturisation at its optimal level thanks to which eyelashes stay more elastic, soft and silky smooth even after make-up removal.
  • The Vitamin of Youth – tocopherol, commonly known as vitamin E, is mainly associated with anti-oxygenating features and strongly rejuvenating action.
  • Arginine – natural amino acid which task is to reinforce the natural lipid barrier; here it’s used as an agent accelerating eyelash growth thanks to the ability to absorb the active substances deep inside the eyelashes faster.
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19 Comments “Conditioning Lashcode mascara. Captivating look in the blink of an eye”

  1. Sandra29

    That is how BLACK color looks like.

  2. e.leven

    I was looking for some not-waterproof yet long-lasting mascara and I came across another article about Lashcode and all opinions are good. Is it really though??

    • its-not-me

      everyone likes something different. For me it actually is great mascara, my lashes are super long and it is soo durable. It lasts like a while day without touch-ups. You must check it for yourself but I think its high quality cosmetic.

      • Mariee

        I liked most that lashes are soft when using this mascara. Before I was using mascara which made lashes dense and long but so stiff and I had this feeling that I have to be careful not to break them. 🙂

        • Goya22

          yeah, that’s awesome, I noticed it after first use as well, lashes were sort of “elastic”

  3. Alexa1989

    to be frank, never had better mascara and I tested quite a bit. It fulfills all my expectations: expressive eyes, no smudging or flaking, no panda effect and it doesn’t dry out halfway through the bottle.

  4. Lady Ann

    The effect on lashes amazing, false lashes look only more natural.

    • my name is not Eve

      All-firedly made false lashes look grotesque, a way more prefer natural look. It is better to get good eyelash serum and a good mascara than damage your eyelashes with such treatments.

  5. Justine168

    I just started using this mascara but I already know that I will never change it for anything else 🙂

  6. Fishy

    Me too 🙂 until recently all mascara I had needed few days to dry a but and this one was great from the jump. On top of it, it works miracles with my eyelashes 🙂

  7. Domi87

    Brilliant wand: even the shortest eyelashes are now super long. Besides its elastic and causes no irritations. Amazing just amazing

  8. Halbmond

    never used this mascara but I doubt it would condition my lashes. Sure, it can miraculously thicken and make lashes longer but I don’t think lashes would like grow faster of something.

    • Nin@

      I used it too briefly to tell is lashes are in fact better taken care of but after less than a month they seem stronger and not so dry and stiff. Perhaps these conditioning components actually work.

  9. Veronica Wisconsin

    Mascara must have ????

  10. Annica 456

    every make-up with this mascara is a piece of art! 🙂

  11. Witch

    with this mascara you can even quite the eyeliner altogether because eye looks stunning.

  12. dear_Cloe

    What about efficiency cause I once paid fortune for a luxurious mascara and after 2 months it was so dry and thick that there was no use of it anymore- lumps on lashes and after few hours flaking.

    • california_dreaming

      Great till the very end, nothing happen with it in 6 months of everyday use

  13. Glory24

    it’s so sad that there are no foundations as long-lasting. This mascara doesn’t need to be touched-up even once during the day, while powder needs to be twice..


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