Compendium of knowledge: lash extensions

Nobody knows everything, that is why we need to constantly broaden our knowledge. This also concerns the methods of care for lashes. There are a few of them, while the most popular way for getting longer eyelashes is to have lash extensions. It appears that even with such a great amount of online guidebooks, we still have a small knowledge regarding this topic.

You need to start form the basics….

What are lash extensions?

Making long story short, one might say that lash extension is simply a procedure of attaching false individual eyelashes to single natural lashes. The aim is to improve overall appearance and emphasising the eye. However, claiming that lash extensions depend only on applying false eyelashes seems to be unfair due to the fact that there are various homemade methods for longer lashes. Unfortunately, many of them might turn out useless or very time-consuming.

What are the methods of lash extensions?

You can have your lash extensions done in several ways. The most popular method is called semi permanent eyelashes. It consists in attaching false eyelashes to the natural ones with a special adhesive. You can also distinguish volume eyelash extensions which vary from two up to eight false lashes that are attached to single natural one. Nevertheless, the more fake lashes you apply, the bigger the weight on your natural eyelashes will be.

What are the costs of lash extensions?

There is no one fixed price. It depends on the method and materials which the false eyelashes are made of. Certainly, it is one of the most expensive procedures. Additionally, if you consider how short the effects last, it turns out that this method is completely useless and pricey.

What are the effects of lash extensions?

One might say that the dream of having unbelievably long lashes is within your grasp. To be more precise, you can add that it is within the reach of two tweezers because they are used for this procedure. Lash extensions do not only extend the length of your lashes but with this method they become thicker, darker, more curly. What is more, they can also enhance the shape of your eyes. Unfortunately, in most cases, eyelash extensions bring opposite effects. Lashes look comic, too long and too heavy. Why so? It all depends on the person who conducts the procedure. It is extremely difficult to find fully qualified lash extension artist.

What are the limitations after having lash extensions?

  • for 24 hours after the application, you must avoid contact with water.
  • during the first days, you cannot take long and hot baths/ showers.
  • it is recommended not to use swimming pools and steam rooms.
  • the effects can be damaged by using oil-based cosmetics, bi-phase make-up removers.
  • your make-up remover cannot contain PEG which dissolves the adhesive used for applying false eyelashes.
  • lash extensions can be coated with mascara, however, it is not recommended.
  • you cannot use waterproof, oil-based mascaras.
  • if you really cannot do without a mascara, make sure it is based on water.
  • you cannot use eyelash curler because it could result in broken lashes.
  • you must avoid contact with masks, foundations, creams and powders.
  • removing lash extensions must be done at the salon (as well as the application).
  • removing and pulling eyelashes on your own can lead to serious damages.

How long do lash extensions last for?

Unfortunately, long and thick lashes are not permanent. Some lashes might fall out after a few days (depending on the growth phase in which the natural lash is). What is more, during the first two weeks, you loose a large number of lashes which means that you must go back to the salon for a touch-up.

What are the disadvantages of lash extensions?

Despite the fact that the effects are not entirely satisfying, unfortunately, we can enumerate a lot of disadvantages. Nevertheless, you must focus on the work of professional lash extension artists, not ordinary beauticians who are amateurs in this matter.

  1. very high price of the procedure,
  2. irritation and allergic reactions may occur,
  3. provides only temporary effects,
  4. time-consuming procedure,
  5. not suitable for everyone.

Do lash extensions have any alternatives?

Fortunately, we are not doomed to have lash extensions done only at the salon. In some cases, you can take care of your lashes in the comfort of your own home. All you need to achieve desired effects is a proper substance that will strengthen and nourish your lashes. Of course, you also need to be extremely patient and persistent to notice the changes.

The least effective are vaseline and castor oil. Not only the effects are not guaranteed, those products are very difficult to apply on your lashline. When it comes to the results, depending on individual predispositions, they can be noticeable quickly but in some cases, never. Therefore, the best solution is to reach for a 100% effective method that is Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum. This cosmetic fully solves the problem of thin and weak eyelashes. It ensures rapid growth and health.

Why is NANOLASH better than lash extensions?

Eyelash Care Step by Step - NanolashFirst of all, you must take into consideration the price. For one bottle of Nanolash serum you will pay a lot less than for lash extensions done at the salon. You save a lot of money, especially due to the fact that the effects of lash growth treatment last longer and are fully natural. There is no doubt that when it comes to the durability, Nanolash serum is also a winner. It is possible thanks to specially formulated components rich in natural and active substances. Moreover, the absorptive powers and precise applicator are also very important factors. Lash extensions cannot win with a method for beautiful lashes that takes only less than a minute each evening.

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13 Comments “Compendium of knowledge: lash extensions”

  1. Amelia 23

    If we are talking about at-home methods, I can recommend applying vaseline to your lashes. Itmoisturises and nourishes them and after a while they start growing longer.

    • Caro

      I tried this method on my own lashes. It really moisturises but does nothing else. My lashes did not grow any longer at all

  2. Nina_S

    After removing lash extensions my lashes turned out really damaged so I started using this serum. After about two months my lashes lookbeautiful

  3. Vanilla

    I do not like the effect that lash extensions give, I’d never go for such procedure

    • GoYaa

      eyelash extensions have more downsides than advantages. I do not understad why many girls still decide to go for it even though it is so harful to the natural lashes

      • Suzie M.

        It is really a huge time save. I have straight lashes and had to use an eyelash curler every morning! Now, I only apply an under eye concealer and my makuep is ready. πŸ™‚

  4. Emma92

    I cannot imagine my makeup without eyehadows and eyeliner that’s why lash extensions would work for me. Probably during the makeup removal they would all fall out

  5. Angela

    I am the lucky one whos lashes reactes positively to this serum:) It go longer and looks beautiful:)

  6. KathyKay

    I had eyelash extensions done once and realized it deffinitely not for me. I could feel the weight on my eyelids, I could not sleep on my pillow and even though it was done profesionally, I decided to get rid of them after two weeks. I love long lashes but unfortunately, they do not work for me.

  7. Anna

    I got discouraged by the price of such beauty prcedures. Also, I will not go for it because of the necessity of frequent visits at the salons for touch-ups.

  8. Rihanna

    I grew my lashes thanks to using this serum, I’ve been using long 4 lashes for about 4 weeks

    • Davina99

      This serum did not work for me, it irritated my eyes a bit

      • Monica

        Try out nanolash, it worked perfectly for my lashes! my eyes did not itch at all as it happened when I was using other serums in the past


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