How to speed up eyebrows growth?

Thick, dense and well-taken care of eyebrows are back in the game and are here to stay. No surprise — such eyebrows not only make your face gain expression but also make you look younger. Nonetheless, growing your eyebrows is a tiresome and time-consuming task. Are there any methods to speed up your eyebrows growth process? Below article presents a handful of the best methods for eyebrows growth.

  1. Brow massage — just as the hair on your head, also the eyebrows appreciate a good massage because then the hair bulbs are stimulated to more efficient work and are “more willing” to grow new hair. What you need to do is once a day, comb your brows with a small brush. It can be special brow comb or just a toothbrush.
  2. Remove only individual hair — plucked brows do not grow back this fast, that is why even when the process of growing them back takes long and the hairs that appear create irregular line — do not pluck them. Instead, try special products for eyebrow make-up. These will help you achieve appropriate shape and will make the time you grow your eyebrows easier.
  3. Eyelash serum — is a brilliant product that stimulates not only eyelashes’ growth but also eyebrows. Eyelash serum is easy in use, just apply it once a day to the brows ridge with use of a small brush. It is significant that the serum shortens the time required for hairs to grow to even few weeks (without it, the brows would grow back really slowly, i.e. from six months to 12 months). The best eyelash serum provides desirable effect quickly. It is worth to ask for an opinion and choose the best-rated product.
  4. Aloe juice and powdered fenugreek — is a mix that is able to perfectly regenerate hair and impacts growth of brows thanks to lecithin and nourishing enzymes. The mix needs to be applied every evening and washed down after 30 minutes.
  5. Natural oils for hair growth — oil and herbs combinations are known for centuries as a natural hair growth stimulating substances. If appropriate for the hair and scalp, you can also use it on the brows. These can be an ideal support for the dormant hair bulbs and will contribute to the faster hair growth.
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