Mistakes in eyelash care. Do you know how to take care of eyelashes?

We apply tons of mascara, style and thicken eyelashes, apply falsies and many more, without even realising that all of this not always has a beneficial influence on the condition of our lashes. What are the most common mistakes in eyelash care?

The biggest damage we cause is usually unknowingly and unintentionally. We often do not realise that lashes are the most delicate hair that appears on the human body. It often happens that what seems to be beautifying, can significantly weaken their condition. Here are the most common mistakes made in eyelash care.

– Using the curler on lashes coated with mascara – curling lashes that you have already covered with mascara is the easiest way to break and weaken them. They become brittle and prone to damage and the mascara might stick them together. 

– Using the lash curler too frequently –  everything is good for you in moderation. Eyelash curler used too often can permanently deform eyelashes and expose them to fragility.  

– Not removing makeup before bedtime – the health of your lashes depends on the condition of the eyelid skin and how firmly the bulbs are rooted. Therefore, in this case, cleansing is of a significant matter because any remains of cosmetics left for so many hours can weaken the bulbs and clog follicles which leads to inflammations and in consequence, increases lash loss. 

– Lack of day-to-day care – if we forget about the proper lash care a bit too often, we cannot expect them to grow healthy and beautiful. Applying an eyelash serum every night before bedtime is an easy and effective way to regenerate, reinforce and nourish lashes. If you use one of the best-selling top-rated serums you will be able to increase growth pace, thicken and lengthen your lashes (make sure to browse through the Internet reviews which serum is ranked the higher). 

– Using inappropriate cosmetics – al products used for care and makeup must match our needs, especially when it comes to eyelashes that are delicate and easy to damage. The best solution is to go for natural and hypoallergenic products. This way you will not have to worry about irritations. 

– Using out of date products – the most frequently used product after its expiry date is mascara. Such a cosmetic must be replaced every three months. Overdue cosmetics are a serious threat to delicate lashes that can become weaker and prone to irritation.

Overusing waterproof mascara – waterproof mascaras are longer-lasting, however, unfortunately, a lot more difficult to remove. They require stronger detergents and rubbing the eyelids more vigorously. As a matter of fact, it is a huge problem because when it comes to eyelash care, delicacy is the key to success. 

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