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by Patty Nicholson |
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Did you know that bicarbonate can be use not only for baking cupcakes but it is also widely used in cleaning household and in beauty care? There a dozens of applications that are easy and safe. We often do not realize how toxic some cosmetics can be. Producers try to maximize the price by using chemical ingredients such as SLS ( Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), parabens and...

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You all have heard of dry shampoos. We know that they can make hair more volumized and lifted. It is recommended when your hair is not fresh and you would like to lookl it clean without the washing it. It can absorb the sebum that is on your skin so that your hair are not going to look greasy or dirty. Since recently, there is a huge interest in Caboki powder for...

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What Makes Hair Frizzy? Any hair strain is made of lipids (oils and fats), water, and protein. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, it can go back to its natural shape after being straightened in a moment you go to a humid place. It has been observed that dry and damaged hair are more prone to being puffy very quickly. When you are in a humid place, your hair...