What’s Your Best Eye Makeup Look? How To Match Eye-Shadows to the Eye Color

The most flattering makeup is the one that helps you draw attention to your good features and cover up those features that you wish to hide. One of the tricks that can help you achieve this goal is eye makeup that matches the color of your eyes. Do you know which colors make you look best? If not, you absolutely have to read this article. In a moment you will learn how your eye makeup should look like.

Our daily makeup is dominated by the colors of earth. Nude, browns and black eyeliner are what we wear most often because they seem to be the safest option. We’re not comfortable enough to experiment with bold colors, that’s why we turn to the evergreen classics. But is it a good idea to do so?

Colors in daily makeup

Colorful and vivid makeup is mostly associated either with teenagers and party look. It’s a pity because a well-selected color palette that matches the iris of your eyes is able to enhance and beautify your look. How so? It adds more saturation to the colors of the eyes, making the entire face more defined, less pallid, and simply more alluring. It’s worth bearing this piece of advice in mind and not be afraid to use bold colors in daily makeup. Doing so will bring many benefits, provided that you know how to match your eye-shadow palette to your eye color. You can take it for granted that once you choose the right shades and apply them in a well-thought-out way, the effect will leave you – and others – stunned.

How to match the eye-shadow to your eye color

As far as eye makeup goes, the most crucial issue is the color of the iris. In other words, if you’re wondering what makeup look suits you best, take your eye color into consideration – treat is as the determinant. Different colors go with brown eyes, different with blue eyes, and other work best for green eyes.


Brown eyes are the most popular, and that’s a well-known fact. However, what not everyone is aware of is that there are many shades of brown. Most often, we don’t think much about what makeup suits brown eyes best, but just pick brownish shades, e.g. brown, nude and earth tones. Even though this is a good choice, adding a little sparkle to your look may be a good idea. You can beautifully bring out the brown eye color using gold and black color. Highlighting the middle part of the eyelid and using a black eyeliner are always a good makeup idea for brown eyes. For those who describe themselves as bold, it’s suggested trying out other colors – green, blue and purple. These colors enhance the natural color of the iris and give it a three-dimensional look. If you count on creating the wow effect, it’s definitely worth giving these colors a go.


If you have blue eyes, first frame them. Why? Subtle blue-colored eyes look better when outlined with a heavy color such as black, and that’s why this is the most common answer given to “what eye-shadows go with blue eyes”. And this is true because there is nothing that would let blue eyes pop so beautifully than the classic smoky eyes. You can go either for a bold black look or a slightly milder smoky eye, e.g. in brown color. The good news is that it’s worth experimenting with blue eyes a bit because this color also goes well with purple, navy blue, pink and gold shades. These are extraordinary colors that aid you in creating a truly feminine and eye-catching make-up. If you don’t feel like wearing too many vivid colors, try using them as subtle but contrasting accents – you won’t regret it.


The owners of green eyes are the real lucky ones! Green eyes are the easiest to define and create a beautiful look with vivid colors. There can be only one answer to the question of what eye-shadows match green eyes: fiery. What does it mean? In short, the most flattering make-up for green iris include: purple, orange and gold. Those shades transform the green eyes into more expressive and somehow deeper; they also add more shine to the eyes. Quite interesting effects are also created by combining green eyes with red eye-shadows. However, there is one thing that needs to be emphasized – use only subdued color palettes to create fiery makeup for green eyes.

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