The Smokey Eye – Make-up classic at its best

Make-up trends change season by season. However, there is one thing that hasn’t changed in years – smokey eye, i.e. undefeated king among make-up ideas. Do you know how to create the classic smokey eye?

Anyone who happens to be interested in make-up even a tiny bit knows that a smokey eye has many faces. It can be more or less expressive and on top of it can have a different version than black and white. Claret, navy blue or bottle green look just as beautiful.

The smokey eye history

The smokey eye technique is as old as the make-up history itself. It is a make-up that came to life in ancient Egypt.

First signs confirming that people have made a smokey eye can be found in the Valley of the Kings. It is where various images presented men and women with expressively black eyelids. The excavation site allowed to discover also containers with kohl (the mix of antimony, smoked almonds, ash, ruddle and malachite with water or oil) along with a palette used for its spreading. Thanks to it, we know that the first smokey eye was made in ancient times. Curiously, it was not reserved for those of higher status because kohl was used by almost all Egyptians.

After these beginnings, the smokey eye was slightly forgotten and resurfaced a few thousand years later. There are two versions. One of them says that it was a Max Factor brand who brought smokey eye back, the second version says it was a make-up artist by name Linda Cantello. It’s not that relevant who brought it back. What matters is that in the end, the oldest make-up trend has made a comeback and became highly popular.

The smokey eye – the comeback of the classic

Today, everyone knows smokey eye make-up. You can see it on the runway and front pages of magazines, but also on the streets. Slightly blended shades ensuring the smokey eye effect present beautifully. We all are keen on trying this make-up not only because it is an elegant classic but also because it is easy to create.

One of the Olsen sisters – known for her love for a smokey eye – once said that the best way to create the perfect smokey eye is to go to sleep without removing your make-up.

These days smokey eye takes all forms and shapes and not only the classic black blended on the edges create the smokey eye effect. Current versions of this make-up are often based on colors such as grey, navy blue, violet or green. It happens that the current smokey eye is not only colorful but also has brocade or metallic elements.

How to create smokey eye make-up?

It’s undeniable that the smokey eye is classic great for every occasion. You can make use of it for a daily basis, for work, a date night or special occasion.

You can play with colors, add some glitter or mix various shades (black and grey, dark and light brown, etc.). The final result depends on us and that’s one of the greatest advantages of the smokey eye. It is make-up that never looks the same!

How to perform a classic smokey eye?

  1. If you want, you can start by applying some eyeshadow base.
  2. Decide whether you will use a pencil, kohl or black eyeshadow.
  3. Apply the cosmetic of choice along the eyelashes line.
  4. Use a bit more of it at the external eye corner to make eyes optically more open.
  5. Blend the color to get rid of all lines (best with your finger).

That’s about it, you can easily stop here, but all smokey eye make-up styles can be more polished by, for example, adding extra color, blending it more, finishing with eyeliner or adding some glitter or metallic eyeshadow.

It’s simple! Try smokey eye today and fall in love with it.

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