The perfect lips. How to tame lipstick and do it the right way?

Red lips always look stunning and provide the elegant finish to every make-up. Nonetheless, you need to know how to use red lipstick for your lips to have the most beautiful shape and be full. It’s simpler than you think!

Some believe that in order to have beautiful, red lips all you need is red lipstick. It couldn’t be further from the truth. The lipstick alone won’t make your lips gain the amazing shape, become even, smooth and perfectly tinted. The technique matters just as much. Sometimes one hand twitch can make all your effort go to waste.

How to correctly apply red lipstick?

Number one: the choice of proper lipstick

The product you use matters. For your lips to have the perfect look, you need to have proper cosmetics. The lipstick should be long-lasting and have deep color because then even a small amount will be enough to cover whole lips and limit the risk of excess product to gather in the creases and lips’ corners.

The shade is also important. Though deep red lipstick is beautiful, it won’t fit everyone. It is best to know all the shades of red – and there is plenty – and choose the color shade that suits your skin complexion, eye, and hair color as well as shade of white of your teeth.

Number two: preparing lips for the lipstick

It is equally important how you prepare lips for the make-up. With lipstick close in color to our natural color of lips, perfection is not a requirement. Sadly, red lipstick highlights every imperfection

How to prepare lips for lipstick?

Most of all, you should exfoliate – you do not need to buy any special product in order to do it, you can always make it at home with sugar and honey (yummy and effective!). Massaged with exfoliator lips will become smooth and fuller so lipstick will look better on them.

Another thing is the use of lipstick primer or powder. Both options aim is to prepare lips for lipstick and providing long-lasting results. If you do not have any special lipstick primer at hand, you can just apply some loose translucent powder – this way skin will be mattified and lipstick will not rub off.

Number three: application of the red lipstick

Lastly, the most important thing, that is the application. Are there any particular rules of red lipstick application that could help you gain a properly stunning and long-lasting effect?

Before you reach for the lipstick, it is necessary to outline lips with lipliner. The aim here is simple. Lipliner will set the boundaries for the lipstick and the shape for which you opt for, but also makes your make-up long-lasting. It doesn’t rub off limiting the effect of ‘eaten lipstick’. Attention! Lipliner should have the same or a tone lighter shade than the lipstick of choice – it is important if you want the effect to be natural.

Filling the lips with lipstick is a relatively simple task, though the implementation of a certain trick may be a good idea. You just use lip brush which will allow you to apply a thinner layer of the lipstick and to tap the product ‘deeper’ into the skin of lips. The less lipstick is used, the better – it won’t gather in the creases and corners of the lips.

Number four: setting the make-up

After you perfectly applied lipstick and made your lips gain this stunning color and shape, the one thing left is to settle the make-up. You can do it in a few different ways. How to preserve make-up?

  1. The tissue method – take a tissue, place it between the lips and gently press the excess product. It will make your lips make-up long-lasting.
  2. The translucent powder method – take some powder on the powder brush and apply it gently to the lips. It is a method to preserve make-up and prevent its rubbing off. Sadly, there is one con to it as powder may mattify lipstick.
  3. The setting spray method – from the distance spray face with a special setting spray. Your lips will gain from it as well because it will not be as easy to rub off.
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