Teeth Straightening Method

Invisaligin- Plastic trays that straighten your teeth
In the Invisaligin technique a computerized 3D modelling technology is used to make a model of the the teeth. They program can create the ideal teeth position and calculate what movement particular tooth has to do in order to get to the desired position. The program analizes how to transform your smile so that it is going to look the way the client would like them to be. Thanks to the latest technology, moving your teeth from the starting position to the point B can be divided into separate stages. The manufactory facilities then construct trays in stages from point A to point B and they deliver the tray to the client. Each tray has to be worn for 2-3 week periods and then change the tray as you go along. Thanks to this process, the teeth will become straighter and straighter. The greatest advantage Invisaligin has over the standard wire-brace is that it is made from invisible, plastic material. It is almost impossible to tell whether the person is wearing Invisaligin or not. Additionally, the Invisaligin is removable. You do not have to worry that the piece of food will get stuck in between the tray and your teeth. In fact, it is recommended to remove the aligners before having meals. Make sure that you wear them for most of your day and to speed up the whole treatment, sleep with it. Many people may worry that the Invisaligin can influence the way you speak. It may be difficult to speak with the aligners for the first couple of days from the first application and the speech may seem unclear but the speech organ will get used to that and everything goes back to normal. It is easy to clean and apply yourself. Invisaligin is recommended to those who would like to straighten their teeth in a discrete way and for those who do not feel like wearing wire braces. It has become hugely popular among teenagers who are looking for an alternative to standard teeth straightening methods. The whole treatment can last up to 2 years and the price will vary depending on the teeth condition. The cost however is much higher than the standard wire braces.

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