Revive Your Skin for the Springtime Making Use of Three Miraculous Plants

Trust the power of plants and let them revive your skin after winter. There are three green plants that are made for this purpose: aloe, cannabis plant and common witch hazel. With them you can pamper your complexion with 3 sublime treatments for intensive springtime skin repair!

Aloe vera for top-notch hydration

Aloe vera is made up of around 200 conditioning ingredients. You will not find this number of nutrients in any face moisturizer. Make use of aloe juice – natural skin toner – or use aloe vera water. Aloe soothes skin, restores pH balance and boosts absorption of creams and serums. Speaking of serum, it turns out to be the best product to treat the skin to aloe. This form of product is simply ideal and it allows ingredients – like aloe for example – to penetrate the dermis, nourishing the deepest layers of skin.

You can also try some recipes for DIY aloe-based beauty products. Example: take aloe juice, gel or – ideally – aloe plant from your windowsill, cut a leaf in half and squeeze the flesh out. Mix it with a favorite flower water and enrich the blend with a few drops of beauty oil (argan, avocado, macadamia, etc.). Now, you need a sheet mask: cut it out of a tissue or buy ready-made sheets. Dip it in your aloe treatment and put it on the face. Take it off after around fifteen minutes and rub the residue of the mask into the skin.

Cannabis for plump blemish-free skin

Cannabis oil has a green color and doesn’t smell great but it conditions the skin like the best cream in the world. Above all else, it soothes irritations and helps get rid of imperfections e.g. acne and post-acne spots. Cannabis oil doesn’t overburden skin or leave a greasy film on the face so it can be used even for oily skin. It’s a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and micronutrients. It smoothes face wrinkles, plumps up limp skin, boosts elasticity. This is an ideal oil for Oil Cleansing Method and addition to face masks and creams. Use it solo before sleep if you like.

Common witch hazel for mild, tender skin care

Extremely dry skin lacking protective lipid barrier is exposed to the transepidermal water loss. This skin type loses hydration at a blistering pace and is easily irritated, plus it absorbs dirt, lacks plumpness and ages more quickly. The impurities build up on its surface and harm it more than oily or normal skins. That is why it’s so important to keep it moisturized, protect it against TEWL and lower the risk of irritations. Witch hazel plant is made for this task. You can use it as a skin toner using its most popular form, namely hydrosol, but feel free to add it to masks, mix it with face-care oils (work well for TEWL too) or other herbal waters (chamomile, green tea, white tea). Try making witch hazel toner at home: cook two spoons of witch hazel leaves in 200 ml of water for ten minutes and put it aside to cool down. Then, drain and use your face toner.

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