Nighttime Treatments for Slimmer Body!

The skin is very hard-working and doesn’t rest even at night. The most intensive repair processes actually occur while we are asleep. Make use of this time and treat your body to special, home therapies that brilliantly slim the body and plump up the skin.

How to stimulate skin repair?

A relaxing bath before bedtime

Immerse in a relaxing bath and lukewarm water before getting to sleep. Keep the temperature from 35 to 37 Celsius degrees. Enrich your water with a few drops of essential oil: lavender oil or anti-cellulite grapefruit oil.

You can also add a handful of bath salt into the tub. Choose the one that has a soothing and relaxing effect or get bath salt with anti-cellulite properties. The choice of salts is actually very wide and the best ones are: Dead Sea salt, anti-cellulite caffeine and cinnamon salt, lavender salt, and a super body-relaxing rose salt.

Body scrub

Exfoliation is one of the essential elements in a rejuvenating treatment. A scrub removes dead cells to soften and smooth the skin, and improve the absorption of nutritional substances from night creams and lotions. Smooth a fine-grain scrub made from sugar or coffee grounds all over the body and gently massage the skin using circular motions. Focus on the areas affected by fat excess and cellulite. Rinse the product out, dry the skin and rub a slimming lotion in.

Your body can get slimmer while you are asleep!

Believe it or not, you can make your skin much better during the night. You just need suitable products. You can spot that the belly is getting slimmer after just 14 nights! The spectacular effect is achievable with the best cosmetics.

If you dream of supple skin, apply a highly-concentrated slimming serum before sleep. Focus on the areas that you want to plump up. Such treatments are usually enriched with strong active substances like algae, caffeine, essential oils or ivy extract.

How to get a slim figure back?

The skin cells bounce back at night so firming and plumping treatments are the best to apply before sleep. Choose ones rich in coneflower, bilberry or algae extract – they accelerate loss of fat as well as prevent it from accumulating. Many products reduce the swelling too.

Note! Light supper ideas

Cosmetics aren’t the only thing that matters if you want a nice silhouette. Make sure you eat a healthy diet and choose light meals before sleep. Avoid high-fat, heavy, fried foods. Stodgy meals make it harder for you to fall asleep. So, choose cottage cheese, roast chicken or fish before sleep. A tuna salad is a great pick too. Mix dairy products with some vegetables, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Eat whole-grain pasta, bread, groats. Also, try to sleep around 8 hours a day. Fun fact: if you get enough sleep, you eat approx. 300 calories less daily! The more we sleep, the less we eat! Pulling an all-nighter or sleeping 4 hours a day stimulates hormones that make us feel hungry, leading to excessive hunger and gaining weight too fast.

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