Natural beauty. What to do to have beautiful lashes?

Eyelashes – a natural decoration to the eyes that requires specific care. If you want your look to express more than words can say, you simply must follow the reliable tricks listed below. 

Women still love taking shortcuts. We often reach for solutions that work immediately but in the long run, do not bring any improvement. Let’s discuss eyelash extensions for instance. Without a doubt, it is a great way to finally rave about stunning lashes, however, it has its downsides as well. First of all, it will not improve the appearance of our natural lashes – they will be simply hidden under the false ones. Secondly, the procedure is rather pricey and requires going back to the salon for a touch-up repeatedly. As if that was not enough, the effects last only a few weeks. Lastly, and most importantly, it can seriously harm our natural lashes. 

There are many alternatives to eyelash extensions that can be used if you prefer quality rather than quickness. After all, natural lashes look a lot better than fake ones, which is why it is worth devoting a bit of time to take proper care of their condition. What to do to get beautiful lashes?


  1. Effective eyelash serum – the best one is based on innovative, growth stimulating components and enriched with natural plant substances, for example, eyebright extract. Definitely better eyelash serums come in the form of an eyeliner. This way the substances reach their aim – the lash follicles. After a few weeks, lashes are stronger, more elastic, stop falling out and are more expressive. Additionally, their growth is boosted so they become longer and thicker in no time. 
  2. Castor oil has a beneficial influence on the eyelash condition, however, it works less effectively than a top-rated eyelash serum. One might say that eyelash oiling is a method that initiated the era of professional lash serums. Castor oil comprises valuable vitamins and minerals, thus thanks to regular applications, we can finally have beautiful lashes within a few weeks. It will moisturise, nourish and darken lashes. 
  3. Aloe vera extract can also be a good eyelash enhancer, even though not many people are aware of its precious properties. Soothing effects of aloe vera are particularly important for the sensitive part of our face – our eyes. For strengthening results, we can apply aloe gel to the lashes every night before bedtime. It is weightless, it has a beautiful scent and it is quickly absorbed. Aloe vera is a great means to restore vitality and great appearance to our eyelashes. 
  4. Henna is another alternative to obtain beautiful lashes. This natural, plant dye not only tints lashes but also helps to nourish them and protect against harmful factors. Of course, one of the contraindications of use can be an allergic reaction to this substance. Therefore, what I would recommend is to run a test before the first use. Henna will enhance the colour and its properties can be a great supplement to an eyelash serum treatment.

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