How to Tame Frizzy Hair

What Makes Hair Frizzy?

Any hair strain is made of lipids (oils and fats), water, and protein. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, it can go back to its natural shape after being straightened in a moment you go to a humid place. It has been observed that dry and damaged hair are more prone to being puffy very quickly. When you are in a humid place, your hair sucks up the moisture changing its structure. Bleaching or chemical straightening hair may make them more frizzy and unrolled.

How to reduce hair frizzing?

Do not brush your hair when it is dry. Make sure that you comb through your hair and detangle it when your hair is still damp. This is the most common mistakes women do. The brush is likely to electrify your hair resulting in frizzy hairdo. Try hand styling your locks, for more natural look. What may help a great deal is stop using hair product that contain over drying and hair damaging alcohol. It may seem ridiculous but most of the hair product that you have on your shelf contain strong alcohol. You will be surprised that your hair drinks alcohol more often than you do. It is in the shampoos, conditioners, dry- conditioners, hairspray, hair gel and many more. It would be a great idea to use organic hair care and styling products that are free from any nasties.

The general rule is to wash your hair as rarely as possible. Use organic, gentle shampoo, ideally without the foaming agent called SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). Rinse your locks with cold water and thanks to that, the hair cuticle will close. Your lock are going to look shiner and less frizzy when they dry. Avoid any heat tools on your hair. Let it air dry and always use heat protectant when straightening your locks. The drug store shelves bend under the weight of frizz taming products. You can get one of those, or you can simply massage a tiny bit of coconut or argan oil to smooth out your curls. If you are on the go, and you do not have access to your styling products, you can simply use the hand cream to reduce the frizz.

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