Homemade Perfumes DIY

Perfumes can cost and arm and a leg and it may be difficult to find the one that you really like. Did you know that you could create your own, personalized perfumes? It is very easy and all it takes is a bit of motivation and knowledge.

All you will need are essential oils (the essence of a plant) and a clean, liquid coconut oil.
The blending the right ingredients is what really sets the perfumes apart. You will have to mix three different essential oils as when thinking about creating your own perfumes you will have to make sure you have the top, middle and the bottom notes in place.

What the bottom note is? A base not are the musky fragrances such clove, jasmine, or cedar wood. The bottom note is usually not detected until 30 min from application. The bottom note is what makes the perfumes long lasting.

The middle note also called the heat of the perfume, which are not as long lasting as the base notes, and they are a bit lighter. You can choose anything from cardamom, chamomile, geranium, rosemary, or spikenard.

The top note is what we feel first when smelling perfumes. It usually forms a person’s opinion about the perfumes, as it is the freshest note that we can sense first. You can create the top note by adding the citrus oils or the ginger to your mixture. Make sure that the oil that you use smells fresh and light. The most popular fragrances used in the top note are ravensara, mandarin, spearmint, tea tree, lime, grapefruit, or cinnamon.

It is important that you mix all oils in the same amount. Check one drop of each oil and check if your like if you like it or not. The fragrance changes when when it comes to reaction with your skin. Ally a tiny bit of the solution onto the back of your wrist, wait 30 min, and then smell it. What you will also notice, is that over time the top note are less detectable and what you can smell are the middle and the bottom notes. If you are happy with what your personalized perfumes smell, add three times more coconut oil. Once you created the ideal mixture pour it into the dark glass bottle and close it tightly.

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