Hand Skin Care Tips

Do you know which beauty treatment is the most popular one in every beauty salon? The answer may surprise you. Hands are the part of the body, which we tend to care about most. Woman’s hands are the most exploited part of the body and they require special care. They are exposed to chemical detergents, high and low temperatures, water damage and many more.

Our mums used to say ‘wash your hands a couple of times during the day, don’t spread bacteria’. We hear it everywhere. What’s more, when we enter any public place we can find many hands sanitizers hanging on walls. Alcohol, the main ingredient of those ‘instant soaps’ can dry our skin making it prone to cracking and chapping.
The first rule and the most important one concerns washing hands properly. Not everybody realize but skin does not like hot or cold water. Always wash your hands in lukewarm water and use gentle, SLS-free soap. It is important that the soap does not contain perfume nor harsh chemicals. Baby soap would be the perfect choice. Use moisturizing hand cream every time you finish cleaning hands.

Do not use the same cream throughout the whole year; but should differentiate it according to the season and weather condition outside. Deep moisturising cream is great for warm spring and summer. For winter and late autumn, it is better to choose oil-based product. Make sure that you rub the generous amount of hand cream into your skin before bed. You can also wear cotton gloves, which will help the nutrients to be absorbed quicker. In the morning, you will be astonished with how soft your skin is. Do the washing up in gloves so your skin is not rubbed off from the moisture.

There are many ways to take care of your hand skin. The number of beauty products devoted to this part of the body may make your head spin. Many of us, overwhelmed with the rich choice of creams and lotions are more keen to visit the professionals in our local beauty salon.
You can also take care of your hands without leaving the house. Who said that the home SPA is not as effective? Most of the ingredients and tools needed are to be found in every kitchen. Mix sugar with olive or coconut oil together in 1:1 proportion. Rub it in your skin to exfoliate and dead skin cells. You can prepare your own, personalized scrub using many other ingredients: grounded coffee, honey, essential oil of your preference, or banana pulp. In your home SPA, you should often use:

1. Milk- it moisturizes and it works anti-ageing,
2. Lime or lemon are the most effective, natural bleach. You can even skin tone and get rid of ageing spots by rubbing the lemon peel onto the skin twice a week.
3. Honey advised for any issue skin as it has strong soothing properties
4. Olive oil is great not only for internal use. It works miracles when your skin is dry and rough.
5. Paraffin which is a heavy-duty skin moisturizer.

Follow those tips&tricks consequently to see a huge difference within a month. You do not need to rob the bank to have nice, neat hands. The motivation is all you need.

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