Forever beautiful… How to keep skin young-looking naturally?

A relaxing massage, warming bath or home spa – these simply-looking activities have a huge impact on the appearance of skin. Anti-wrinkle routine isn’t all about anti-aging creams. Check what else you can do to utter I don’t need botox!.

Youthful look shouldn’t be your goal. It should be a by-product of daily personal care. If you follow the right steps, you won’t need any invasive procedures. A holistic approach and change of habits matter the most.

Can natural skin care compete with botox, scalpel and innovative procedures? Sure!


Firstly, be in tune with nature

If you want to take best care of your skin and hair, do it in accordance with nature. We don’t need products filled with chemicals because nature gives us simple and effective solutions. A cream with innovative, weird-named complexes can be replaced with natural oils and plant extracts infused in a weightless serum or DIY mask – they bring better results, don’t irritate skin, and are budget!

Secondly, take a holistic approach

We must remember that skin care doesn’t end when applying a moisturizer or removing makeup. We must take a holistic approach and treat it like a full set of activities aiming at boosting the appearance. I mean combining a healthy diet and supplementation with natural cosmetics, sports and relaxation techniques (yoga, massages, meditation). All this gives a better effect than merely applying a mask. Remember also to get your beauty sleep!

Thirdly, let it go

Persistently striving for the young-looking skin won’t lead you towards success. It’s a vicious circle: you can’t spot the desired effect so you get stressed and in turn your skin ages even faster. Let’s choose methods and treatments that go along with us and our lifestyles. Only this approach gives the best results.


1. Evening cleansing

Cleansing must start off your skin care. It’s important that you take off makeup as well as all other impurities building up throughout the day (dust, toxins, sebum).

The easiest thing you can do is use oils since they do away even with the hardest impurities to remove. Coconut oil doesn’t only have a lovely smell but also removes waterproof make-up, detoxifies and prevents inflamed skin. Though it’s greasy, you only need warm water and a bit of gentle foam or gel for flawless skin. When smoothing the oil over the skin you can do a relaxation massage.

2. Moisturizing and nourishing

What you eat has a huge effect on your appearance and the time the wrinkles appear. If skin lacks nutrients and is dehydrated, it consequently ages more quickly. That’s why it’s crucial that you deliver lots of mineral ingredients, vitamins and valuable acids (EFAs found in natural cold-pressed oils). Let’s choose lots of natural products abounding in plants and humectants e.g. hyaluronic acid or urea which lock in water.

Skin care combined with providing rich products from within gives the best effect. We need to mind what we eat and drink lots of water. Skin will be grateful.

3. Effective protection

The last (but not least) core element is protection, or prophylaxis. How to head off premature aging? Simplest thing! Let’s protect skin against the sunlight (with oils and sunblocks) because UV radiation is to be blamed for photoaging. We must then turn to products rich in antioxidants that aid in fighting free radicals and shielding from toxins.

Protection is as important as other skin care steps, let’s remember that it’s better to prevent than cure.

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