Do not feel like wearing teeth braces? Try Invisaligin

For many years, metallic braces were the only effective method of straightening teeth. Many people would love to have straight teeth but they simple cannot force themselves to wear visible braces. Others wouldn’t mind, but their profession does not allow for such a change in their appearance. Is there any other alternative? There is good news for everybody who want to have straight teeth.
According to many researches, crooked teeth are a huge problem for pretty much anybody. It inhibits their behaviour and lowers their self-esteem. They do not smile that often as people with straight set of teeth. Thanks to the latest technology, the other options are available.


This method allows to straighten teeth without the use of metal-wire braces. Tom Cruise was one of them who popularized this innovative method. Invisaligin is the technique where special see-through aligners are used that slowly reshape the set of teeth. It is very difficult to tell whether one’s wearing it or not. Additionally, they it does not cause any discomfort to your gums or inner side of your cheeks like standard braces do. How does this method work?

Invisaligin can straighten your teeth within the same period as old teeth straightening techniques. After examination from your dental practitioner, impressions are taken of your teeth. Then the technician fills the impression trays with special chewy material and palace it over your teeth. Once set, the impression trays are carefully removed. Thanks to the accurate impression, the model of your teeth can be created. The technician build a series of nearly invisible aligners are custom made for you. The aligners follow the stages of the treatment plan. All you need to do is to place the aligners over your teeth, where they fit snugly. They are very comfortable and one of the biggest advantage of the Invisaligin over the wire-brace is the fact that you can remove it for eating or cleaning. Every 2 weeks your switch to another set of aligners. Each of those sets will move your teeth slowly, little by little resulting in a straight and healthy simile.

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