Caviar Nails from Ciaté

This is something that you have not seen before. Unique, 3D nails in colours of the rainbow that will undoubtedly draw everybody’s attention. This great nail polish that is covered with micro-pearls has been invented by the most popular nail company Ciaté.

Great looking nails is the necessity of every modern woman. Hands and nails can disclose a lot about the person. Make sure that your nails are always done. You do not have to go to the beauty salon anymore. Crate your unique manicure at home.

To do the perfect caviar manicure you will need the Ciaté Pack containing a basic nail polish and the second bottle with small pearls in the colour corresponding to the base shade. You can choose one of seven different colours including Ultimate Opulence, colourful Cotton Candy, Rainbow, and many other.

First, apply one layer of the basic polish and wait until it is dry. Then, apply the second layer and when it is still wet add beads so they can stick to the polish. Press the pearls into the polish so they can stick to your nails. At the very end, apply the top coat along the nail tips. Wait for at least 20 min until everything is completely dry. However easy applying the caviar beads is, you may experience some problems when trying to remove them. It takes a lot of patience and a nail remover.

According to the producer, the caviar beads ought to stay in place for at least four days but in reality it is usually two days and then they come off. What’s more, nails may get caught on towels and clothes resulting in pearls falling off. In the contact with water, the beads melt which leaves you without shower for at least two days.

The price for the set is quite high considering that it short-wearing product. It cost £18 on the Ciaté official website.

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