Argan oil – where to buy, which one to pick, what is its cost?

Liquid Gold of Morocco is a vegetable product that should take a special place in each makeup bag. Extraordinary realm of nourishing substances, safe formula, and unique features – all of these make argan oil the number one in everyday hair care products. It is worth learning a little bit more about the oil, especially when we are looking forward to starting hair oil treatment soon.

Hair argan oil is a precious vegetable fat which is called Liquid Gold of Morocco not without reason. The noble title argan oil is lucky to have is due to its golden shade and the precious features it carries. What is more, it is beneficial to apply argan oil to hair also because of its rich composition; we can find even two times more vitamin E than in olive oil, many other vitamins, carotenoid, polyphenol, anti-oxidants sterols as well as great amount of neccessary fatty acids and squalene.

Many women tend to apply argan oil on the hair requiring strengthening, that lacks of shine, or when is strongly damaged and fatigued. Indeed, there is nothing surprising about that since argan oil works miracles and deals with this beauty problem; it regenerates damaged hair structure, provides deep nourishment, eases scalp irritations, facilitates coping with psoriasis, dandruff, hair loss, brittleness, and many more. What is also considered as a huge asset of argan oil, this natural substance does not have to match hair porosity level because this Liquid Gold of Morocco conditions all hair types, without exceptions.

If we want to buy argan oil, it is advisable to know the right place to do it. Surely, we should give slippery Internet sellers a wide berth. If we buy argan oil on online sales, try to pick only the vendors that were awarded with positive opinions. And this applies to both, the product they sell and the way the distributors serve their clients. Actually, you can also try to buy argan oil in a regular shop that sells organic products. However, you have to be cautious enough not to buy food argan oil. To clarify, cosmetic and food argan oil are very similar in appearance, yet their composition differs significantly.

Another issue to discuss is the price a typical argan oil goes for. The opinions on that differ, yet they sum up to one conclusion – a high quality, natural and original argan oil can cost quite a lot. Its high price is due to its limited access and complex process of the oil’s extraction. Simply, cheap argan oil does not exist, yet if we happen to find one, we can be sure that it is fake. If you want to get the straight answer, which argan oil to buy, here are the guidelines: it has to be sold at a reasonable price (not too low), it must be non-refined (its composition is richer), Ecocert-certified (proof of organic) and designed for cosmetic purposes (nonfragrant, of golden shade, limpid).

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