How to moisturise the hair? Combine the power of humectants and emollients

Hair can be moisturised in many different ways, therefore, it is recommended trying out out at least a few of them to choose the method that’s most convenient and beneficial for you. However, do not expect miraculous effects if you do not provide a complete set of valuable ingredients. Remember that both the moisturisers (humectants) as well and emollients – preventing water loss, are equally important in the fight for beautiful and healthy hair. 

Well-moisturised hair is shiny, silky smooth and soft. It is easy to style because healthy fibres are elastic which means that they do not tangle nor get frizzy. These are the reasons why hair moisturising is so essential. Is there a quick and effective way to restore the balance of the hair and protect it from drying out again?

Of course, the most popular method is to use appropriate cosmetics. In general, most hair care products have moisturising properties written on the label. We tend to go for drugstore masks or conditioners being guided by the price, packaging, or our friends’ recommendations. Whilst really, we should only look at the composition. It determines whether the product will provide the hair with proper hydration and will be effective.

How to moisturise hair?

An optimum moisture is provided by two basic ingredients.

HUMECTANTS – deeply moisturizing ingredients that absorb moisture from the outside and bind water molecules inside the hair. They restore hair softness, elasticity and shine. However, it must be known that humectants retain water in the hair as easy as they get rid of it, especially when the environment is very dry (for instance, during hot summer).

What to look for in cosmetics? The most humectants are: glycerin, Panthenol, honey, aloe vera, flaxseed, hyaluronic acid, urea.

EMOLLIENTS – hydrophobic substances that seal moisture inside the hair by creating a delicate film on the surface. They love to be combined with humectants because they protect hair from losing water. Emollients help to avoid hair drying out, as well as frizziness which may result from excess humectants.

How to find them in cosmetics? The most popular emollients are: easily washable silicones (those insoluble in water can be dangerous) and natural oils.

Hair oiling – a method for moisturising the hair

There is no doubt that natural oils have a huge impact on the hair hydration level. Therefore, if you have been wondering what’s the best way to moisturise the hair, then hair oil treatment is your answer. One of the main roles of natural oils are retaining water in the deeper structures and preserve from dehydration. Moreover, a well-matched oil will not only work from within but it will also seal the outer layer of the hair and it will work as a protective shield.

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