Effective ways to make your lashes stronger – Realash eyelash serum

Some reach for castor oil, others pin their hopes on conditioning mascaras and the remaining go for eyelash serums. Undoubtedly, there are numerous methods for making lashes stronger – which are the most effective ones?

Such delicate hair as eyelashes requires reinforcement, there’s no two ways about it. Care delivered to lashes every single day is a way to win beautiful and defined look. Even if our lashes are thin, short and sparse – no worries! In this case, supplying lashes with vitamins, minerals and other nourishing substances will be enough to make them look better within a few weeks. Let’s bear in mind that beautiful eyelashes are mostly healthy eyelashes!

Ways of making lashes stronger

How to strengthen eyelashes effectively? Indeed, natural methods are believed to be the best ones, and among them the castor oil – dearly beloved by some women. Sadly, this substance is very thick which makes it hard to apply to eyelashes. Therefore, a fairly good alternative to such dense substances are eyelash serums. Thanks to these cosmetics, we can also supply the lashes with essential nourishing substances and reinforce eyelash bulbs which, as a consequence, stimulates faster eyelash growth.

One of the most popular eyelash serums is Realash.

How does it work?

Realash is a liquid and colourless serum which has to be applied every day to eyelash base before going to sleep. This task is made easier thanks to a thin applicator made of synthetic bristle. The condition on which we can expect the desired effects to be produced is our regularity and appropriate method of application of the cosmetic. Although the outcomes produced by Realash may differ between the users, the serum is supposed to:

– stimulate cell renewal processes,
– enhance natural shape and colour of lashes,
– strengthens eyelash bulbs,
– may accelerate eyelash growth and add body to them.

Mysterious ingredients

Realash eyelash serum can work in this particular way thanks to the ingredients it is made from. These are natural extracts such as linseed, common marigold, horsetail and sweet flag. Some of them cleanse skin, the others ease irritations and deliver anti-inflammatory action. Before applying the product for the first time, it’s a good idea to run an allergy test first. Thanks to this, you will be sure that none of the ingredients will irritate your skin (it happens rarely).

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