Biodegradable, Thermal Hair Colouring Foam Strips By ColorCuts – A Revolution In The Hairdressing World!

highlighting foam strips

Biodegradable, Thermal Hair Colouring Foam Strips By ColorCuts – A Revolution In The Hairdressing World!

Highlighting Foam Strips from Maltese hair colouring brand ColorCuts are a revolution in the hairdressing world. They are perfect for professionals, colourists and hairstylists. The strips are durable, easy to use, eye-catching and elegant. They insulate the heat and maintain the optimal hair temperature, preventing thermal damage and streamlining the colouring procedure.

The ColorCuts biodegradable foam strips are eco-friendly and recyclable. The box contains 200 strips measuring 100×305 mm, suitable for colouring any length of hair. After use, you can pop them in the washing machine or wash them by hand, so they last for many uses.

Eye-catching and practical hair colouring strips

ColorCuts foam strips are made of a comfortable, light, thermal material. They work effortlessly on both short and long hair. The beautiful colours delight clients and bring a touch of luxury to your salon. The saturated colours upgrade the aesthetics of the colouring process, but that’s not their only function. Use different colours of strips while applying multiple shades to make sure they don’t get mixed up.

highlighting foam strips

The pre-cut strips come in a handy box, so you can take out each strip quickly and efficiently. No more tangled aluminium foil! The strips get a strong grip in contact with moisture from the colouring products, which delivers even and precise results over the entire length of the hair. The polystyrene foam the Highlighting Foam Strips are made from ensures that the highlighter or hair dye doesn’t run off the hair. No need to fold the edges – just fold the strip in half and it will stick to hold the colour in.

Multi-tonal colouring with Color Cuts

Highlighting Foam Strips are eye-catching, which can’t be matched by the uncomfortable and rustling aluminium foil. They are easy to grip and allow precise application down to the millimetre. The perfectly sized and shaped strips are ideal for any hair length. During removal, the strips don’t pull or tug on the hair, which prevents mechanical damage. They ensure air circulation between the layers, making sure you don’t overheat the hair. Each strip maintains the heat inside to boost the colouring , while staying cool to the touch for maximum comfort and the best results.

ColorCuts strips save time and money. They are made from 80% recycled material. The eco-friendly polystyrene strips were created in tune with the zero-waste concept – you can wash and reuse them without losing their effectiveness or quality. The strips can be washed up to three times in the washing machine, so they last for 800 uses!

The strips ensure precision, high hygiene and aesthetics and, most importantly – they are easy to use and you will love them from the very first use. You can create unique ombre, sombre, balayage, highlights and multi-tonal colouring. ColorCuts strips are very comfortable to use, the colouring procedure is quick and smooth and your customers don’t have to wait in the chair for hours. It’s up to half the colouring time so you can take on more customers during the day and save money.

The easy-to-use and luxurious foam strips are trusted by thousands of women and professionals all over the world. They are the best accessories for professional hair colouring – innovative, comfortable and eco-friendly. Take care of your clients and create spectacular hairstyles!
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