Caboki for Thin Hair

You all have heard of dry shampoos. We know that they can make hair more volumized and lifted. It is recommended when your hair is not fresh and you would like to lookl it clean without the washing it. It can absorb the sebum that is on your skin so that your hair are not going to look greasy or dirty. Since recently, there is a huge interest in Caboki powder for men who is supposed to make thin hair appear thicker and denser.

What Caboki really is?

Some people call it a hair concealer. You sprinkle it onto the thin hair so that the powder can attach the hair structure. Caboki powder is a natural product that does not cause any skin irritation or adverse reaction. The powder comes from Gossypium Herbaceum plant. Once applied on hair, it creates fiber that can imitate the hair structure surpassingly well. This unique plant grows in certain parts of Morocco and it is hand gathered. If your hair is thin and sparse, there is no better non-invasive and non-surgical alternative than Caboki. It makes hair look dense, thick, and very natural. What’s more, Caboki makes the scalp matte, yet hair looks fresh and shiny. Even when looking closely, it is very difficult to see that the thick hair are the result of a plant powder.

Can the Caboki powder flake off from my skin?

No, the Caboki fibres have a negative electrical charge. Thanks to these properties, the powder seals to the hair, which is positively charged. Tests show that the fible clutch to hair stronger than any adhesive. The only way to get the Caboki off is by washing the hair. Many customers complain that the Caboki can be gone in seconds when it is raining, therefore, the producer advises not to use Caboki if you think your will come to contact with water. Human hair is positively charged, meaning when the fibres come into contact with the hair they naturally bond without the need for any glue or adhesives.The product can be ordered online for $19 and it comes in 19 different colours. The producer offers a free samples to those who are still hesitating.

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