7 Rules for Long-Wear Make-Up

Every woman dreams of creating make-up that lasts for the entire day and… night! Sadly, make-up smudges and runs down way too often. Thankfully, there are some ways to make it last for longer. See some ideas below!

1. Prep your skin for make-up

You can’t forget to care for the skin the right way. Even the best products and the most professional techniques won’t help if your skin is not taken care of. In your daily routine, choose the most gentle products, pure organic oils and mild micellar water.

Use scrubs and make it a habit. Exfoliating dead skin cells makes a very good habit but make sure your scrub is designed for the face area. Body scrubs might be too harsh, sparking irritations.

Lightweight moisturizers make the best pick in the AM while thick creams should be used before sleep. Don’t do it the other way round because rich cream won’t make your make-up long-wear.

2. Make-up primer

An eyeshadow base is a must so never stint on it. A quality primer can fix the cheapest eyeshadow. Apart from extending the effect, it makes the product glide smoothly on the eyelids. Blending will be effortless too.

Some women are bothered by oily eyelid skin which translates into make-up vanishing fast. If you are one of them, apart from the primer, you should reach for a loose powder too – you won’t be bothered by the product pilling and disappearing.

A face primer has a different purpose. Above all else, it evens the skin tone. It doesn’t make your make-up last longer. It merely smoothes and mattifies the face. Not every woman needs it. It’s best to test some primers and see how the skin reacts.

3. Patting products on the face

This simple trick is second to none, making products cling to the skin. Patting is better than rubbing. When you rub a product in, you enhance the lines and stretch the skin.

4. Use a thin layer

Believe it or not, thick layers of make-up don’t make it last. Use products sparingly – a product doesn’t work worse because you apply less. It won’t disappear fast either. The right technique gives the desired effects: a few thin coatings works better than one thick layer.

5. Stop touching the face

Resting the face on the hands, scratching, touching don’t make your make-up long-wear. If you do this out of habit, try to control it.

6. Lip make-up

Lipsticks tend to bleed. The easy remedy is applying a small amount of this product. Really, just one stroke is all it takes! If you go too far, use a tissue to blot the excess. Dry formulations last longer so pick matte or semi-matte lipsticks.

7. Why don’t you get a new product?

You sometimes use an unsuitable product – as simple as that! If you see it makes your skin worse, give it up. Others may prove more effective, matching your type more.

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